I’m co-supervising these talented students with Prof. Nie.


Yan Wang (王燕), PhD, 2021-, on adaptive CT.

Yanjie Sun (孙颜洁), Master, 2019-, on Metamorphic testing and CT

Siyi Zhang (张思熠), Master, 2019-, on fault localization techniques

Kaiyu Zhang (张开宇), Master, 2020-, on fault localization on third-party libraries

Chengcheng Zhou (周成乘), Master, 2020-, on theory on the upper bounds of CCA

Hongnan Chen (陈宏楠), Master, 2021-, on CA generation by novel method

Jiaming Fan (范佳明), Master, 2021-, on fault localization of CT


Gang Li (李刚), Master, 2019-2021, on formal methods on random testing and CT -> Huawei.